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And you’re here. There’s a fire in your belly.I love that. I feel it too. I want to help you burn even brighter, beautiful.

In this page, am going to talk about two things, which the first one about me and about my blog (the ogbonnahakwe.com.ng blog).


about me ogbonna ohakwe

My name is Ogbonna Ohakwe, am the founder and owner at ValentWeb Technologies Limited a premium creative agency. Am also the co-founder of | AIC – Alex Corporations our parent company and founded AhiaNigeria.com in late 2020, AhiaNigeria an Online Shopping and Multi Vendor Marketplace for people we are passionate about owning an online shop to sell their items or products while offering the platform for free.

I’m a developer, graphics designer, coach, website developer and designer, seeker. I guide passion-fuelled women and men out of fear and uncertainty, and into lives, blogs and businesses they love (and truly desire). I also help build business driven solutions, software's and services to help boost and increase business within a short-while.

Over the years, affiliate marketing is a journey and i have read a lot publications and have fully involved myself with digital & social media advertising and by God grace, i have found some business brands in my credit and currently the team lead at ValentWeb Technologies, where i showcase my expertise and build business driven solutions to help businesses using those tools for business growth.

This blog (The Ogbonna Ohakwe) serves as my personal blog where i share my little experience on how i make some cool cash everyday online and i will be covering some  tech-blogging series here with you and the article here are been written and publish base and on my own personal ideas unless otherwise I choose writers to write for me.

I hope you will find my blog helpful and looking forward to share with you the very best tutorial to help you on your journey of making money online.

You can bookmark your favorite category as rich content are being written and publish on each of the topics daily.

  • Affiliate Marketing ( We all know that in affiliate marketing, a lot of articles are been publish on several blogs to help you on the go, you can bookmark this category to find helpful content when next you are visiting my blog)
  • Digital Marketing ( I will make sure i cover several topics on digital marketing ranging from social media management and marketing etc.
  • Blogging Series Section ( The Ogbonna Ohakwe Blogging Series is a daily blogging guides that are being written by professionals and as well including me to guide you to make the best out from your blog.
  • Make Money Online ( As the name suggest, this is where everyone attentions will be drawn to because we all want to make money online by any means, so as big as the make money online is, i promise to be 100% accurate and professional when writing article on this particular topic. In this section alone, you will learn all the basic steps and guideline on how to make and generate money passive income daily online at the comfort of your home.

The four categories mentioned above are going to be my main primary focus on this platform and me and some writers are handpicked bloggers with decades of experience in those topics.

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