December 2, 2020

ahianigeria online shopping bag

Well, we all know what the whole world suffered this year; the year 2020 is faced with too many challenges from economic hardship, Coronavirus Outbreak, Nigerian Youth #EndSars protest, most especially businesses operating in Nigeria. The AhiaNigeria Online Shopping And Marketplace

Introducing: AhiaNigeria Online Shopping

Young startup businesses like mine are still striving to be at the top of the game but it seems the big big names in the industries are pulling in more money into ( ads) to drive potential customers to their business. Welcome AhiaNigeria Online shopping and marketplace in Nigeria to the AIC – Alex Corporations family of product and services.

ahianigeria online shopping bag

What Is AhiaNigeria is a newly launched online shopping site and a multi vendor marketplace that arrived Nigeria ecommerce scene late November, 2020 and it is been managed by the team at AIC. AhiaNigeria; just as its name stands ( the Ahia here is a native language from Eastern Nigeria -THE IGBOS- meaning Market and the other Nigeria is a nation in western Africa).

The Purpose Of AhiaNigeria And What Problem It Can Solve

AhiaNigeria parades its platform as your number bus stop for online shopping, a platform fully built for you to do your online shopping and as well sell your product on the go. The platform provide easy navigations and sections for a particular product, of your choice to choose from, if you are planning on buying anything from books to read, fruits and vegetable products, digital electronics, clothing, health and beauty products online, mobile phone accessories, buy Android Phones, iOS Phone, laptops or computing gadgets and may be style your Christmas with its amazing Christmas Bundle

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The Christmas bundles

“AhiaNigeria offers its customers a free gift box coming this seasonal period, any customers is qualified to place orders on our Christmas basket bundles.

“The Christmas Basket Bundle is only available to customers in Imo and Abia State for now.

AhiaNigeria as an online shopping platform that is just here to solve your everyday needs for you to enjoy smooth shopping online and getting your items delivered to your door step in 56 minutes.

The Marketplace AhiaNigeria Offers For Store Owners

AhiaNigeria offers its costumers a platform to make money online, selling your product to potential customers online anywhere you are in your hand; are you thinking of peer to peer Ponzi scheme; NO. Is another new born baby for online shopping and it is easy to manage the seller dashboard and gives smooth user interactions.

Sell online for free with AhiaNigeria seller or vendor integrated platform, we offers everyone, who has passion for selling online to open a free store on and sell online locally.

“There are countless management tools and sections to manage your seller and vendor application is approved by AhiaNigeria.  Your Seller and vendor account approval only takes one working day to get fully approved and once your seller account is approved the next thing is to follow our Vendor Setup Wizard to update and set up your seller store properly”, 

Becoming a seller or vendor at AhiaNigeria is just that easy to register; you have full support from the team at AhiaNigeria to help you with your store and manage your product. Becoming a vendor, you have 99.9% full control of your accounts and your seller accounts come with the following features;


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With your vendor integrated panel, you have full access to your customers, product pricing while AhiaNigeria only charge you a whooping 7% on sales you make.

We don’t operate any other channel other thank AhiaNigeria.

About the author 

Ogbonna Ohakwe

Nigerian Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online by building business driven solutions software's and website. You can join my Facebook Group here

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  1. Very well.

    You have a neat blog, also your content is superb and congratulations on your new business.

    Glad to have this new features, I will give a trial and do you guys ship to Akure.

    I want to order some juicy products on

    Once again, Good luck Alex.

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