Amazon Kindle Domination

How I Get Amazon To Pay Me $500 to $700 Monthly For A 12 Page Word Document

Discover This Beginner-Friendly Business That Everyone Can Use To Earn $500-$1000 Per Month By Uploading Simple Low-Content, Summaries, Activity Books & 12 Pages Word Documents To Amazon.


The TRUTH about how To Reach Financial Independence Through Amazon Kindle Publishing… even if you believe / think You Have To Be A Guru To Make Any Real Money!

Take a look at some people’s earnings so far!

George made over $4070 (N2,849,000 at $1/700) with 6 books in November 2022

I withdraw my $1000 (N700,000 at $1/700) from my Amazon Royalty Book Earning

George made $629 (N440,300 at $1/700) a day with two books.

My new student got his first payment online from his book,

My new student got her first book published on Amazon Kindle…

Now pay attention to everything I will be saying in the letter below!

This letter will change your finance for life..

This book gave me $1012 – (N708,400) at $1/700

Payment notification from Amazon to my student.

Payment notification from Amazon to my student.

She published her first book on Amazon

$629 Made in a day!


The best part is that you don’t need to become a professional writer or have a degree in writing to create and publish your own books, as this is the brand new secret ordinary people have used to make over $1000 a month. 

For Smartphone And Laptop Users Only!

Find out about this special method you can use to publish easy documents to Amazon and get paid continuously over the next few months. It’s easy, and anyone can do this using just a smartphone or laptop!

This is will change the way you make money online, listen very carefully now..

What if it is possible to make daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly passive income for the rest of your life by simply uploading short documents online and spending 25–30 minutes per day?Would you use this life-changing opportunity to secure your financial freedom?If yes, then pay special attention to every word on this page.

This is my recent payments from Amazon!

There’s a LOT of information on the internet about publishing short stories, summaries, and low-content books (LCB) on the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. However, just because you have access to the information does not mean you know how to use it to build a successful self-publishing business. You can spend hours gathering information, only to find yourself confused and unsure about how to put it all together. With so many distractions online, as well as keeping up with your day-to-day life, finding time to focus on getting the right information can be very hard. What’s even harder is to use all that information correctly. Doing this on your own can take months, if not years, to accomplish with a lot of trial and error and frustration along the way. Chances are, you’ll get so frustrated, you’ll quit before ever publishing your first book! So, what is the real problem here? How do you get the right information, and how do you use it correctly to build your very own passive income business with the least amount of pain? Would it help to have a guide to show you every step of the way? A guide that will eliminate months of struggle and wasted effort? Say yes, and in a few hours from now you’ll be creating and publishing your own low-content books, short stories, and summaries on KDP. Not only that, you will have a solid foundation to start building a business that can provide passive income forever, allowing you more time to enjoy life and do the things you really want. You might wonder: Does this book sell? A quick look around on Amazon shows they do! Whether it’s journals, planners, coloring books, activity books, or summaries, they are in demand…

Look at the images below and see how these books are selling like hot cakes!

Here is a quick view of my recent payouts from Amazon Kindle!

Below is my August 21st, 2022 Amazon Kindle Payment Notification!

But, before you go, let me tell you a little about this 9-to-5 rat race job I had before discovering this amazing passive income system. Listen!

It Wasn’t Always

Sunshine And Rainbows

I have this 9-5 job, and my salary per month is just N10, 000 ($23.76) a month. I have to.

  • Wake up at 5 AM to the sound of my loud alarm clock.
  • Spend 40 minutes commuting on congested streets. 
  • And spend the next 10 hours working, building the dreams of my boss.
My condition has deteriorated from broke ass 9-5 to rage because I have yet to receive my 6-month salary of N60,000 at N10K per month! Imagine what I looked like then.


Funny enough, I have to pay bills like you; with the unpaid 6 months’ salary, I have to buy clothes, feed myself, and live like a normal Nigerian guy outside there. As someone who needs to succeed, I have one decision to make, and here is what I did: I woke up one Wednesday morning and ran into my manager and told him boldly. I quit, and the next day…

I Looked Up To The Internet, And Searched For

How Do I Make Money Online?

With the little spare time I had, like you’re doing right now.

  • I Watched countless YouTube videos
  • I Almost finished reading my state book library
  • Finally, I landed myself into several email list out there…

I nearly got scammed of my life savings, until I stumbled upon this little low time and easy to follow income generating system..

And, after two years of secretly selling short stories and low-content books on Amazon and making $500 every month, I think the time has come to reveal my 3-step secret method. It shows how anyone can create an online ATM that pays them passive income month after month for a lifetime. Sadly, many people either don’t know about this method or ignore this simple opportunity. When it comes to making good money online, most people are still following outdated online money-making methods.

This image below is from one of my KDP account with 68 books and I have made over $1300 in November 2022 alone….

Imagine when you start making such money a month…..

The Old Hard Rock Way Most People Tell You To Use This System!

They tell you to..

  • Get trained by a professional writer.
  • Get a degree in writing and publishing, before you can even start writing..
  • Establish a consistent writing space. If you’re going to write a great book, you’re going to need a great space to write.
  • Outline your story.
  • Do your research.
  • Start writing and stick to a routine
  • Finish your first draft.
  • Revise and edit.
  • Write your second draft.
  • Send to your publisher to package and publish your book, then..
  • Do book launching.
  • And run adverts that bring no results.


that is you, killing yourself and at the same time, wasting your time!

Probably because that is an old, traditional, and complicated methods most coaches and gurus talk about or because most people feel they need to follow the crowd blindly before they make money online, The truth is that most people are either unknowledgeable or frustrated because they don’t know that there are other simpler, proven, tested, and reliable methods that make life a hundred times easier for them. I’m about to share one such unbelievable method with you that most don’t even know about. This method is so simple, straightforward, and easy to implement that most people don’t take it seriously when they come across it. The best part about this method of book publishing is that you are paid for what you do once for the rest of your life.

It only takes 25 to 30 minutes a day to implement what you will learn in this training, and you don’t need a degree or 7 years of experience before you can start. Trust me, nothing beats being paid every day, week, month, and year in dollars for something you set up and forget once. Before I tell you more about this opportunity, I think it’s imperative that you first understand what exactly the Amazon Kindle is. The Amazon Kindle platform is a directory initially created by Amazon to enable all its users to browse the Amazon platform, search for books, purchase, and download eBooks of every type. Now, what I – and eventually you are going to love it for is publishing content on there and making a lot of money from it. The issue is that there is a wrong way to do it and a right way to do it. The only way I’ve seen it done with consistent success is the way I do it. And my method is a unique 3-stage approach my students and I follow religiously. I’m going to reveal it to you today, but before that, look at the screenshot below!

Here Are The 3 Stages Involved In This Amazing Passive Income Publishing Secret:

  • The Research Stage: You sign up and quickly research hot and best-selling books that you can model in minutes thanks to our simple strategy..
  • The Creation StageThis is where you quickly create your books by yourself. Unlike other courses out there that only show you how to pay thousands on writers and graphic designers, with this system, you don’t have to spend $1 before you create your books. Is even created for you already!
  • The Publishing Stage – This is where you quickly submit/upload your books on Amazon by filling in all the necessary details about your books.  This is simple, even your old grand parents can do this.

That is, you are not going to start writing words, promoting products, or hiring a publisher to publish your book.

With your smartphone or laptop and an internet connection, you are on your way to making your first $500 by using this simple Amazon Kindle training.

Don’t Take My Word For It.

Check The Results Below!

Watch This Little Video Below And See!

The cool thing about all this is that you don’t need to have any special skills.

I’m not a writer, and I don’t pay a dime to any writer or book designer—nor do I pay for any Amazon ad for book promotion. 

Amazon Kindle Publishing Business Is 100% Passive Income.Nothing Like Customer Support, Shipping, Order Confirmation, Updates, and Management.

When you upload your 11-30 pages word document once, Amazon makes it available to many customers and ebook buyers on Amazon network. For example, 76% (57.2 million) of the 75 million products that Amazon sold as of March 2021 are books. The Amazon Kindle Publishing Business is completely scalable. The More Books You Upload = The More Money You Make. With this business, you can upload unlimited numbers of books. You can upload as many books as you like and sell them for life. Unlike Other Online Businesses, You Need No Website, Marketing, Facebook Ads, Link Sharing, and Email Marketing. It’s a no-stress business! The Kindle publishing business is the only one that does not need all these requirements before starting. Only $0 in Start-Up Capital for Your Amazon Kindle Publishing Business With our 3-Step Secret Method, you only need $0 to start, and you can do this within 25–30 minutes every day.

So are you ready to start making $500 to $700 per month with your short documents on Amazon? If your answer is Yes, then what I have created for you will put those daily, weekly, and monthly dollars in your bank account when you grab it.


Amazon Kindle Domination

Here is what that is buried inside this course for both phone and laptop users


Module 1: Introduction to amazon kindle domination

In this first module, you are going to learn the,

  • introduction to amazon kindle direct publishing
  • creating your kindle account
  • verifying your account
  • submitting your w8 tax form as a foreigner
  • creating your dollar account for payments
  • linking Payment details to your kindle account

TOP SECRET BONUS: You will learn how to remove the Amazon 30% Applicable Withhoding Rate, this secret will show you how to collect your complete royalty (EARNING). Meaning that, amazon always collect 30% of your book sales and send you 70% of your money, but with this secret, amazon will now be sending your complete money every month. Look at my students testimonials from this secret. 

You don’t want to miss this BONUS


Module 2: Overview of kindle direct publishing

This is everything you are going to be learning in module 2.

  • proper guide to Kindle dashboard navigation
  • How to list your book in series and singles
  • title, subtitle, description and background keywords to rank your books
  • what is pen names? and author central page
  • how to publish your books under one author pen name


Module 3: amazon book hunting for kDP

Everything you are going to learn includes;

  • paperback, ebook and hardcover – do’s and don’t
  • niche research – how to find a profitable niche
  • spying on your competitors
  • proper book pricing method to maximize more revenue


Module 4: book planning, creation & designing

This module will teach you the following on Book planning and creation..

  • roadmap to kDP book planning
  • expert guidelines to follow while planning your book
  • key point to avoid amazon kDP account banning


Module 5: amazon kDP book creation

Where the magic happens, this is the complete Amazon KDP Book creation guide.

  • overview to book creation
  • book needed for kDP Book creation
  • generating your books
  • how to format your books
  • kDP book cover design
  • how to decide your book size and dimension.
  • Creating Evergreen Book
  • Creating Trending Book
  • publishing your first book
  • how to create and publish low contents book, e.g children’s book, activity book, coloring book, word search book, journals, kids learning books And gamebooks
  • how to publish your low content books
  • secret website to get over 200k amazon kDP low content books

$629 Made in a day!


instant Access To kDP Books, Templates & Resources

900+ Hot Selling Notebook KDP Keywords

With These Hot Selling Keywords, generate more sales from your KDP books through the festive season, way to 2060. 

This book is suitable for all KDP self-publishers both beginners and experts in low and no content publishing.

In this list we provide you with hot niches that people are looking for on Amazon, and the beautiful thing is that we offer you even the micro niches that have little competition compared to the main niches.

So what are you waiting for, download and start working

Value: $700+ | (NOW FREE)

Grammarly Premium

But, why use Grammarly?

It gives you a quick and easy-to-understand lesson. It checks every word in your writing for spelling errors. More comprehensive and robust than your average Microsoft Word spell checker, Grammarly’s spell check has first-class accuracy, perhaps the best available. Is not free to use but, you will learn how to use it for free.

Value: $25/month | (NOW FREE)

QuillBot Premium

But, why do you even need Quillbot?

QuillBot is a paraphrasing and summarizing tool that helps millions of students and professionals cut their writing time by more than half using state-of-the-art AI to rewrite any sentence, paragraph, or article.

Value: $5/month | (NOW FREE)

Canva Premium

Why Canva?

Canva a professional online graphics designer, use non-professional designers like you to create and design any kind of social media and website banners. You will be needing the premium version to create a professional graphics. But, don’t worry, you are getting it for free.

Value: $12.99/month | (NOW FREE)

Evergreen & Trend Models

Make more money with Amazon KDP evergreen and trend models books.


You’ll be getting access to these KDP bundles for free of charge!

1K KDP Kids Activity & Coloring Pages Bundle

This bundle includes more than 1,000 activities and coloring pages for Toddlers, and Kids.

This is a digital & printable page for kids or Kindergarten students or you can sell it on Amazon KDP. Perfect for your High & low- content book business.

This Interior is ready for you to upload on Amazon kdp!

Features:– Ready for Upload to KDP Direct– High-Quality Print Ready PDF– PDF, PNG, and JPG

Value: $2500 | (NOW FREE)


Halloween KDP Interior Bundle

Bundle Details:• Each interior is available in PDF and JPG formats.• Ready for upload to KDP.• Also 100% formatted and tested for KDP .• Interiors Page: 120 page.• Files are packaged in zip archive.

Value: $900 | (NOW FREE)

263 Mega KDP Interior Designs Bundle

KDP Interior printable Planners, Journals, and Log Book in this massive KDP interior pack. Here you’ll get 263 KDP interior designs.

This bundle contains:* 263 PDF Files* Different sizes: 8.5*11      and 6*9* You will get 100 pages, 110 pages,120 pages of all design

Download instantly with PDF formats ready to upload on KDP.

Value: $3500+ | (NOW FREE)

500+ Coloring Book Mega Bundle

This is a massive coloring page bundle, 500+ beautiful mandala color pages bundle, You will get high-quality JPG, PNG, PDF, AI file format, You can simply use it for adult coloring books, POD products, KDP interior, book cover design, etc.

This bundle includes:

– 500+ Separate Beautiful Coloring Pges– PDF File in 50 pages (Ready for print)– 8.5″ x 11″ Inch Dimensions

Download and upload on Amazon KDP Now!

Value: $4000+ | (NOW FREE)

1900+ Activity & Coloring Pages Bundle

Activity & Coloring Pages Bundle

Download exclusive KDP Interior instantly with PDF.

Interior Details:- Ready PDF file to publish on KDP.- Dimensions 8.5” x 11” Inches.

Value: $5000+ | (NOW FREE)

500 Hot Amazon Selling Niches

In this bundle you will get hot niches that people are looking for on Amazon, and the beautiful thing is that, you will get even the micro niches that have little competition compared to the main niches.

Hottest niche and keywords from 2022 till 2040.

Save your time searching for cool Niches and download our Best KDP Niches List.This file includes PDF and excel file.You can use this file as keywords and you can also use it as niches ideas.

Value: $300+ | (NOW FREE)

345 Mega Low Content KDP Interior Templates Bundle

Mega Low Content KDP Interior Templates Bundle

Features & Files Included:★ Different sizes: 8.5 x 11 inches , 6 x 9 inches, 7.5 x 9.25 inches.★ 345 Pages ★ Very High-Quality & 100% Original Design★ 100% Tested on Amazon KDP (No Any Error)★ Ready To Upload PDF Files

Value: $4000+ | (NOW FREE)

200+ Mental Health Journal Prompts Canva

This Bundle Contains Over 200 Mental Health Journaling Prompts into 6×9 editable Canva template.

Value: $800+ | (NOW FREE)

110 Mega KDP Interior Designs Bundle

Mega KDP Interior Designs Bundle

This bundle contains:* 110 PDF Files* Page sizes:(6*9)* You will get 100 pages, 110 pages,120 pages of all design

Download instantly with PDF formats ready to upload on KDP.

Value: $2500+ | (NOW FREE)

50 Editable Canva Templates

50 Editable Canva Designs Bundle

This bundle contains:* 50 Different PDF/Canva Files* Page sizes:(6*9)

The list in the templates file is clickable, simply choose the file you want to work on, edit if you want, download as PDF print and upload to Amazon KDP

Value: $500+ | (NOW FREE)

Amazon Evergreen & Trend Books

Want to take your Amazon KDP book publishing by storm! Then, this section will teach you everything you need to know Amazon evergreen and trend book publishing and how you can start selling faster. (TOP SECRET)

Value: $500+ | (NOW FREE)

Example of Low Content Books sales!

You have seen it all!

You either hit the buy button or leave this page and regret not taking this action.

These are the reasons why you should secure this Amazon Kindle Domination Immediately!

  •   A step-by-step video training exposing the entire process…
  •   No making videos required…
  •   No Tech Skills Or Experience Needed…
  •   End the struggle and wasted effort
  •   Tap into something that is proven to work
  •   No degree needed to start writing anything
  •   Made with you in mind..
  •   Roadmap on exactly what you have to do, Just follow the simple steps and you will get results.
  •   Our Fail proof method for making money out of thin air..
  •   Full video tutorials included…
  •   Step by step expert guides to make fast sales…
  •   Great support community…
  •   Now is the time to take action and act now

..Tell Your Boss To Shove it, and Finally Experience..


  • Travel Anywhere You Want..
  • Tell Your Boss To Shove It..
  • Earn From Home..
  • Spend More Time With Your Kids
  • Spend More Time With Your Grandkids.
  • Attain Total Freedom…
  • Finally Do What You Always Wanted To Do..

Smash This Year With a BANG, because this system will change your life as it has changed my students life..

Still waiting, here is what happens, immediately

You click the register button, because this same system will bring you;

  • Peace…
  • Success…
  • Proven Results…
  • Soar Like an Eagle

This is Desire, she just used her phone and publish her first book,

 following the Amazon training guide

This is how much Mr Rowland my student, made in twelve days in August, 2022. He made $2,534.87 in 12 days, which is N1,774,409at $1/700 Naira exchange rate.

Don’t take my word for it…

It doesn’t get any easier than this..

Amazon Kindle Domination Has Worked Flawlessly For EVERYONE

I’m completely new to making money online, will this work for me?

The Amazon Kindle Domination was created for newbies. We show you every step of the process inside.

All you need to do is follow and replicate what we do…

Do I have to invest anything extra?

You don’t have to, but you’ll see much faster & easier results if you invest 2 hours of your time learning and implementing

If you can’t, simply use the free methods inside instead, is much faster.

How long does it take to see results?

Although it’s illegal to promise results, I will assure you faster result in two weeks and even newbies like you have seen results in less than one week.

Do I need any experience Before I Begin Writing?

Nope. As I said earlier, we show you everything involved with Amazon Kindle Domination in complete detail.It doesn’t matter if you just started or stone cold newbie that’s never made a dime online

Are you really sure you want to stay..

  •   Frustrated?
  •   Stressed?
  •   Empty Pocketed?
  •   Saying “No” to your kids? Because you don’t have money
  •   Slaving for less?
  •   Depressed?

Heck no you don’t!So here’s what I recommend; Is for you to hit that buy button below while we are doing this unseen discount.And then you can see results that will give your siblings or inlaws an endorphin dump at the next family dinner.

That is not all, I have my own share of the story, not until I discovered this system that pays in dollar

Still Thinking Right? Now, Hear This!

In this Amazon Kindle Domination, you’re not just going to learn how to start and grow your very own $500 to $1k a month business; I will also share some successful strategies I’ve learned on how to get into the 7-figure mindset that made it all possible for me and how you can use it too.


>> How to quickly clear your mind so you can get started with your 7-figure Amazon business and start making money. This is what I have done for you.


>> The most basic no-time automatic system that anyone can use to enter that flow state that allows you to work less and less.


>> How this will make you money if done correctly and implemented so that they can make the most money possible not only from their kindle business but also from their small time investments and lifestyle, and much more… 

You Finally Have The Chance To “Breakout” Of

The Nasty Rat Race Cycle…

The nasty cycle of buying useless, shiny courses… By now, you’ve seen how well Amazon Kindle Domination works. This could be the very last money making system you’ll  ever need to buy online.

I’ve been quietly getting results, and I’m 100% confident that you can as well. Inside of Amazon Kindle Domination, I show you exactly what you need to do in a step-by-step formula to start getting results right out of the gates. Yes. Because I know how well this Amazon Kindle Domination works, I’m making you this irresistible offer.The results are proven to come in fast.

simple, easy, and only takes minutes to set up…

And there’s no need to invest in any ponzi scheme again, get started right now.

Here is what is you should know

Do I need to have any experience?

Absolutely CAPITAL No. As I said earlier, this system shows you everything involved in making money with Kindle publishing with Amazon Kindle Domination in complete detail. It doesn’t matter if you just started or are a stone-cold newbie who’s never made a dime online.

One Time Payment

Here’s A Quick Recap Of

Everything You’re Getting Today

N20,000.00 ($40)

Prices Increases To N35, 000 Anytime Soon

  • Amazon Kindle Domination Training – Value : $800
  • 50 Editable Canva KDP Template – Value : $500
  • 345 Mega Low Content KDP Interior Templates Bundle – Value : $4000
  • 110 Mega KDP Interior Designs Bundle – Value : $2500
  • 1900+ Activity & Coloring Pages Bundle – Value : $5000
  • 500 Hot Amazon Selling Niches – Value : $300
  • 500+ Coloring Book Mega Bundle – Value: $4000
  • 263 Mega KDP Interior Designs Bundle – Value: $3500
  • 200 Mental Health Journal Canva Bundle – Value: $800
  • Access to All Modules – Value: Priceless
  • Halloween KDP Interiors Bundle: Value: $900
  • 900+ Hot Selling Notebook KDP Keywords- Value: $700
  • 1K KDP Kids Activity & Coloring Pages Bundle – Value: $2500
  • Access to Lifetime Private Telegram GroupValue: Priceless
  • Weekly Coaching session Value: Priceless

Click the yellow button to pay with any of our payment channel on the next page

Unlike Any Other Training Out There!

This Is Not A Book, This Is A Full Blown Amazon Kindle Publishing Training Program, You Can’t Get Anywhere!

Because I know you are tired of the loopholes and want something that will bring results years from now, Amazon Kindle Domination is not a loophole. I’ve been using it  and I can assure you, it’s not going away anytime soon. Amazon Kindle Domination is the real deal. It won’t make you a trillion dollars, but I know it’s proven to bring in a heavy side income monthly. You want something that doesn’t require a lot of time, maybe because you have a family or job to attend to. There’s no need to sleep through the night with Amazon Kindle Domination. You only need 2 hours to attend to this business of book publishing with your device.

You aren’t that technical or good at computers & want something that will work with your existing knowledge.


This works even with a 2G Internet-enabled device, regardless of your location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need Any Special Software For This?

Ans: Absolutely not! You don’t need any software for this for this happen.

Do I Need Any Special Skills?

Ans: No you don’t! There are a lot of tools available that make it very easy for anyone to create and publish low content books. Men, women and even teenagers and kids are doing it all over the world!

How Does It Cost To Publish Books On KDP?

Ans: To publish your books on KDP and make it available for sale does not cost you anything up front. You only upload your books and Amazon starts selling it for you.

Do I Need A Website?

Ans: To publish your books on KDP and make it available for sale does not cost you anything up front. You only upload your books and Amazon starts selling it for you.

Am Not A Writer, Can I Start Immediately?

Ans: You don’t need to be a writer at all.

Can I Do This With No Design Experience?

Ans: Yes you can! You don’t need to be a designer to create covers and who knows, you might just discover a hidden talent Plus, we are here to help you every step of the way and have amazing templates, etc. available.

Do I Need To Advertise Anything?

Ans: Because you are publishing on a major platform like Amazon, your books will be available to millions of buyers without you having to advertise or drive traffic.That does not mean you can’t. If you want to, you can use the platform to advertise and drive more traffic. Or, advertise and drive traffic from other sources too.

How Much Can I Make, If I Start Now?

Ans: That is unfortunately not a question I can answer. I also cannot guarantee that you will make money.There are publishers who are making a lot of money, so the potential to make a solid passive income is there for anyone.However, how much money you make will depend on your motivation, your work ethic and how much time you are willing to spend to build your business. There is no such thing as “overnight success”. It takes time and effort.

I Have A Smartphone Can I Do This?

Ans: Yes, you can use your phone for this.

About Me: Ogbonna Ohakwe

My name is Ogbonna Ohakwe, and I’m an Internet business consultant.

Founder: Bigtink Digital Creations, and today many people know me because I talk, develop and teach the most real and life-changing business opportunities.


I have helped over 3000+ people like you, to start a profitable online business and also want to help you to start making money with this Amazon Kindle Domination.

Here’s A Quick Recap Of

Everything You’re Getting Today

N20,000.00 ($40)

Prices Increases To 35, 000 Anytime Soon

  • Amazon Kindle Domination Training – Value : $800
  • 50 Editable Canva KDP Template – Value : $500
  • 345 Mega Low Content KDP Interior Templates Bundle – Value : $4000
  • 110 Mega KDP Interior Designs Bundle – Value : $2500
  • 1900+ Activity & Coloring Pages Bundle – Value: $5000
  • 500 Hot Amazon Selling Niches – Value: $300
  • 200 Mental Health Journal Canva Bundle – Value: $800
  • Access to All Modules – Value: Priceless
  • 500+ Coloring Book Mega Bundle – Value: $4000
  • 263 Mega KDP Interior Designs Bundle – Value: $3500
  • Access to Lifetime Private Telegram GroupValue: Priceless
  • Halloween KDP Interiors Bundle: Value: $900
  • 900+ Hot Selling Notebook KDP Keywords- Value: $700
  • 1K KDP Kids Activity & Coloring Pages Bundle- Value: $2500
  • Weekly Coaching session Value: Priceless

Click the yellow button to pay with any of our payment channel on the next page

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