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How To Get Google AdSense Approval On Your Blog In 2021: Tricks And Best Practices In 2021

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If you want to learn how to get Google AdSense approval to your website in 2021! Then this guide will help you to achieve that on your blog. You are very tired and frustrated blogging without getting Google AdSense running on your blog! Wink!! You may ask, I want to monetize my blog through Adsense. But, why I am not getting AdSense approval??? So don't worry yourself, I have a solution that will help you to get Google AdSense approval on your blog. The only working method and tricks in 2021 on how to Get Google AdSense Approval.

Getting approval is a great problem for new bloggers, especially if you are just starting out and you have not grown your blog organically. Sometimes due to copy and paste from most bloggers, it is hard to get the AdSense up and running on your blog, I know you also facing this problem and looking for a step-by-step solution.

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The Google AdSense Approval Tricks 2021: How to Get Accepted/Approval By Google AdSense in 2021


Don't worry my friend. In this guide, I will show you all the AdSense approval tricks, that iI ave used to get Google AdSense Approval to my clients website and blog, and Guidelines on how to get Google AdSense Approval on your blog in 2021 without wasting a lot of time writing too much content and violating the Google AdSense policy.

Before you start getting AdSense approval, you must know some facts about AdSense. It is very much important. It will increase your knowledge about Adsense. And will remove fear on Tricks to get AdSense approval.· Adsense approval is not very hard. Actually, it is super easy than any other popular ad network.·       

  • Adsense approval is not very hard. Actually, it is super easy than any other popular ad network.
  • The minimum traffic requirement for AdSense is 0 Traffic
  • The minimum threshold for Adsense is 100$
  • Adsense pays only in a bank account.
  • One user can use only one AdSense account in one name and browser.
  • Adsense send a pin letter to their user home address when they complete 10$
  • Before making any payment, Adsense checks identity (ID) Verification to their users with their driving licence or pan card or voter id card. It happens to reduce multiple Adsense accounts. 


Why You Should Use Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is one of the favorite ad networks used by almost all bloggers in the world today. I like this ad network from my heart. Because it gives us the most revenue for showing ads. If you are using an AdSense alternative, then you can feel the importance of google Adsense.

If you make 1 Dollar from an alternative, Google Adsense will give you 5 times better earning. Means if you make 200 Dollar from an Alternative than Google will provide you 1000 Dollar.

It's Cool, yeah!

Let me show you a list of benefits of Google Adsense

  1. Adsense gives you a lot of money than any other ad network
  2. It has multiple types of ad format
  3. It has responsive ads
  4. Advertisements are user friendly
  5. It does not support unusual advertisements.
  6. It is very trusted and safe
  7. Payment through a bank account
  8. If you work on Micro Niche Blogs, it is easy to get Adsense approval with only 5 Articles.


How To Instantly Google AdSense Approval Tricks 2021?

When someone applies for google Adsense, they do not get the approval. And google reject them due to content policy, code not found, etc.
But today if you read this article fully, then you can ready your blog within 24 hours. And I will share the trick to get Google AdSense approval.

I will share with you a complete process to get easily Adsense approval (with no doubt).
So, it is time to move our first step.

Buy A Top Level Domain

Before getting a google Adsense approval, you have to buy a top-level domain. You can buy any top-level domain like 
 .com .net .org .in .edu .top .xyz .co 

You can buy a domain from any trusted platforms like  – GodaddyNamecheap, and many more.
However, make sure that you have a top-level domain.

But please don’t try to use free domains like .tk .ooo .ml etc. Very low chance to get google approved with free domains. If you get approval with free domains, then comment me below.

After buying a TLD domain, the next step is to

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Setup Your Blog on Blogger or WordPress

After buying a domain, you have to set up your blog, you can use blogger. Or you can use WordPress.
If you have 0 investment then you are welcome to blogger. But if you have some investment and you want to make a career on blogging, then you must go on WordPress and use it. (WordPress Recommended)

Pro Tip: If you want to use multiple Adsense accounts, then use WordPress. 

SSL Certificate

Make sure that you have an SSL Certificate. In blogger, you will get free SSL. But in WordPress, you may buy an SSL certificate.


The reason is google gives the most priority to the SSL certificate websites. Also, this SSL certificate will help you to rank higher position.
Now a day, you can t find a single website in google's top ranking without an SSL certificate.
Now our blog setup is complete. We need

Publishing Articles: Most Favorite Method

This is the most important part for Adsense approval and blogging journey. When the new bloggers try to get AdSense, they just want to ignore this step.

But without writing an article you can’t be a blogger and AdSense will be a dream.
Blogging means writing an article. The main work of a blogger is writing articles. If you can write a good article then blogging is yours. But if you want to skip writing or you don’t want to be a writer than skip blogging and forget Adsense approval.

The first condition is to get AdSense approval is to write a unique article in any niche. Unique article means not to copy-paste work. Unique article means, the article will be only yours. And the readability of the article will be high.

Pro-Tip –

1.     Please don’t copy and paste any article. Because when you copy and paste Google can track the main and copied article.

2.     Don’t try to spin the article. Because when you spin article the readability of that article is damaged.

3.     Don’t try to write any types of unwanted words that google hate.

4.     Also, write on the AdSense supported languages.

Now when you start writing an article, You might have a question “How many articles should I write?
It has no fixed number of articles to publish. But it depends on the length of your article.

Suppose your article length is 500 words. Then you should publish at least 40-50 unique Articles. And if your article length is 1000 words then it would be 20-30 unique articles.

But I would suggest you get instant approval, you should write at least 30 unique articles and the length of the articles should be a minimum of 1000 words.

The next step is –

Creating Proper Menu on Header of Your Blog

This is the most common step that people skip. They forget to make it, only for this when they apply for google Adsense they get “Navigation Error”. You can check my blog, I have a nice navigation menu that is easy to navigate.

So, to fix the navigation error, you just need to put some categories on the top of your blog.


ADD All the Policy Pages

Now the policy pages are – About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, DMCA, Terms and Conditions etc. It is not important for us we think. But it is one of the favourite terms to google.

Personally, I don’t feel good creating these privacy policy pages. But when I launched AhiaNigeria.com I created all the legal pages by my self and I takes me about four days to complete.

But to never waste your time, you can use free tools to create your policy pages.
If you want to know how to create policy pages in just one click, then comment to me. I will reply to you
When you complete creating policy pages, you need the super-powerful trick.

Manually Submit to Google Search Console

You might be thinking, why should I submit to google search console?
The answer is if you submit a sitemap of your website to Google Search Console (GSC), then Google will index your website faster than any other website.

But it is not mandatory. Because Google is now super updated. They can index your website without a sitemap. But the benefit of submitting a search console is google will index a little faster.
But if your website has some authority, then you don’t need to submit it to the search console. Because Google trusts authority websites.
if you are following this step, then you can follow this step too. (Important for Super Fast Approval)

Submit the Bing Webmaster Tool

I know this is a wired and unique trick. But believe me, it will increase the google AdSense approval chance and decrease the approval time.
I am sure you are thinking “Bing is not a Google product. Then how it increase Google Adsense approval chance?”
The answer is very simple. You can see that in European countries most people use the bing search engine. This is why, when you submit your website in bing; you will get traffic from European countries.

And the CPC rates for these countries are very high. And google also loves those websites that catch HIGH CPC countries.
I highly recommend you to use bing. Because, if you start using bing from the beginning then your income will get high income with low traffic.

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Disavow Spammy Backlinks

Disavow means telling Google not to index those backlinks. Surely you should not create spammy backlinks. Spammy backlinks mean creating unlimited backlinks using tools or creating backlinks from spammy sites.

These spammy backlinks hurt your website a lot. When you create spammy backlinks for your website or article, it ranks your article for a single day.

But Google can easily trace your backlinks. And when google see that you are creating spammy backlinks, they will immediately down your website ranking.

So, if you have created spammy backlinks disavow spammy backlinks. Build Quality Backlinks
When you disavow spammy backlinks or you stop making that backlink, now you need to make backlinks from a quality website.

Remember, 1000 Spammy Backlinks <1 Quality Backlinks = low traffic
So try to build quality backlinks. Now there many a few ways to make quality backlinks. They are –

  • Guest Post
  • Wiki Links
  • Profile Links
  • Web 2.O
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Links Exchange

You can make these types of backlinks. And these are safe.
Before Creating Backlinks, Follow these Rules –

  1. Create links from high domain authority websites
  2. The website might not have any penalty
  3. The website spam score might be less than 3% 

How to check a Penalty?Search one Google, –  site:example.comNow, if Google shows the website, it means the website is not penalized by google.

Domain Age

Domain age also matters a lot for Adsense approval. Google never give approval to the very new websites.
Don’t worry!

You don’t need to wait for several years. Before Appling for Adsense please make sure that your domain age is at least 20 Days.  

Remove Ads of Other Ad Networks

When you are giving your website to google, then make sure that you have removed all the ad codes of any other ad networks. Until you get approve, avoid your website using ads. 

But why it is?  

It is why because google want that the publishers use only their (google) product. So the publishers become dependent on Adsense.

But when you achieve Adsense then you can use other ad networks. 

Avoid/Reject Pop Advertisements 

Google totally hate POP advertisements. So google reject those websites that contain POP ads. Also, sites who use these ads with Adsense the get easily rejection.

Use Your Own Unique Infographics

Using own and Unique image is also a good trick for google AdSense approval. Do you know, you can get DMCA notice to your website due to a copyrighted image?

If you are using other images to apply in your blog, then stop doing this. And start making blog images by yourself. Also please try to make your images unique.

Because Google likes unique materials. It will not only increase AdSense's approval chance. But also increase the fast ranking for your website.
How to create Unique Images?

You can use Canva.

It is really a great freemium tool to create amazing infographics. You will be shocked to hear that, the World Best SEO expert Neil Patel also uses Canva to create infographics.

You can use Adobe Photoshop to create infographics. But try to understand that Canvas is very easy to use and it is very cool.

Increase Website Speed

Increasing website speed is super important for any website. It is also a part of website performance. Google doesn’t want to unsatisfied any user.
So, google hate those websites, who don’t contain higher speed.   

 How to increase website speed? Let me teach you how to optimize and increase website speed in blogger and WordPress.
In WordPress

  • Use a good web hosting.
  • Enable WPRocket Plugin.
  • Use a premium theme. (Don’t worry. Many YouTuber provide the premium theme for free)

That’s it.

In Blogger

  • Reduce every image size using TinyPng.
  • Use maximum 4-5 images for each post.
  •  Use a premium theme. (Don’t worry. Many YouTuber provide the premium theme for free)
  • Remove Broken Links
  • Use very important widgets only.
  • Remove all Spammy comments
  • Embed a maximum of two.
  • Don’t add unwanted codes.

Link Blog with Social Profiles

Linking your website with social profiles increase the trust score of your website and its mandatory trick for Adsense approval. You can add your all social media profiles. Like –

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • And many more….

Pro Tip: share your articles in all your social media. It will increase the social signal and tell google to push your ranking.  

Remove Broken Links

Google actually hates broken links. Broken links are a type of link, that was previously available but not it is no more.

Now the question is, How to check Broken Links?

The best way to check the broken link is by installing the chrome extension called “Check My Links”. This extension mark all the broken link on any particular page.

Website customization

Website customization means to give your website a trusted look. It is also a type of dress of website. If you could give a quality look t your website and make your website attractive, then Adsense is yours.

Be Honest

A proverb says – Honesty is the best policy.

It is true for every walk of life. Not only in blogging or Content Writing but also in the job and many more. When you share your audience the right one and promote the actual one; everyone will trust you.

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Imagine, someone told you to use an app and you could make huge money. And when you tried, then you see it is not true! Now, Will you believe him again?

No. Because he gives you a big loss. So be loyal and be honest.
Please don’t promote any bad materials.
Let's talk about our last step

Apply For Google Adsense

If you follow my tricks showed you above step by step, you will get AdSense approval with 95% guarantee. Now you are thinking about why 95%?

Sometimes google reject the application without review any site. It is a really big mistake of Google Adsense. Now if you followed my step by step process then simply don’t think twice.

Just re-apply for Adsense. 101% guarantee you will get Adsense approval.

Pro Tip: Please write an article every day or an article in two days.

Why you are not getting AdSense Approval?

There are many reasons for not getting AdSense approval. The main reason for not getting AdSense approval is only your fault. Because you didn’t read our rules. If you follow my step by step trick to get Google Adsense approval then you will definitely achieve the approval successfully.
Now let’s go to the point why you are not getting AdSense.

Copied Content

Google officially says that they want unique and problem-solving content.Google doesn’t need useless content to Google only need meaningful content. If you are using any tool to create content writing, then forget google Adsense. Almost every popular ad network charge unique and quality content.
I previously told you, some bloggers take AdSense with only 5 articles. The reason is quality and long article. When google see that this blogger is genuine, they don’t see any requirement. 

Short Article

The unique article is not Quality article. You should take a look at the length of your article. Because readers love depth article. Depth article means, all the queries, doubt, question and everything are written in one article.So that, user can save their time.

Lazy Load Time

Google gives high priories to high-speed websites. That is why some articles get 2nd or 3rd position for their high loading speed. They just increase website speed and get ranked on the top position with a short article.
Because Google doesn’t want to disturb the readers and users. You might feel that if any site takes a long time to load, you become disturbed and left the article.

Under Construction

Sometimes some bloggers become so busy in writing articles that they forget to design their website template. So that they show Google that their site is not ready.


POP ads mean a type ad format that displays on and under the screen after clicking on the screen. Google doesn't like other ad networks especially the pop ad networks.
Because it irritates the user. And the user doesn't stay a sufficient time. So bounce rate get increased. Also, it decreases the user experience.

Copyrighted Images

Using copyrighted images without permission is very risky.
Google wants unique and new content. 
Also, google hate them who copy others.

Wrapping Up!

Follow steps confidently. You will be able to get accepted by google adsense on blogger or wordpress (other too).
Getting accepted by adsense is not a rocket science. 
It easy and charming. I can give you hundred and ten percent guarantee you can get accepted. (if you follow steps shown above)
Don't forget to share. ????Sharing is caring


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q1. Can I get Google Adsense Approval With Blogger?
Yes, you can. Just follow all the steps I told you. You will definitely get Adsense approval.
Q2. Can I Get Google Adsense Approval in 1 minute?
N0, it is not possible. Getting 1 minute adsense approval is totally impossible. 

Q3. What Is The Google Adsense Approval Time?
Usually, Google Approve websites within 2 hours. But in these criteria, Google is taking almost 15 days to approve. I hope Google will fix it soon.

Q4. What Are The Rules For Adsense Approve?
Just follow the steps I tell you. There are no other rules.

Q5. How Much Traffic Do You Need For Google Adsense Approval?
You don't need any traffic for Google AdSense approval. You need only the steps above. 

Q6. Is It Hard To Get Adsense Approval?
Getting AdSense approval is very easy. 

Q7. How Much Does Adsense Pay For 1000 Views?
It has no actual number. It depends on your traffic location, number of traffic and Niche.

Q8. Is Google Adsense Free?
No, Participating Adsense is free.

Q9. How Do I Know If My Adsense Is Approved?
When AdSense is approved they will send you an email. 

Q10. How Do I Know IF My Website Is Eligible For Adsense?
If your website follows these steps above, then your website is eligible for Adsense.

Q11. Can I Make Money From Adsense?
Of course. You can make money from Adsense. Easily.

Q12. How Can I Make 200 Dollar In A Day?
If you want to make 200 dollars in a day, then you need to work super hard. Also, your website authority might be high and your website might have lots of traffic. SHARE


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