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How To Make Money Freelancing Online In 2021: The Definitive Guide

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This is the beginner guide on How To Make Money Freelancing Online In 2021: The Definite Guide Part 1.

Freelancing can end up being a great way to make money for individuals who do it part-time or full-time. The way to make money freelancing is to be dedicated and create a good reputation. Without these two things, it will be hard to find jobs and generate new ones in the future. There are a lot of different types of freelancers out there; including web design individuals, people who have blogs, and writers.

How To Make Money Freelancing Online In Nigeria In Simple Steps.

With all of these opportunities, there are a lot of ways on how to make money freelancing for anyone who has the skills.

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Freelancing is probably one of the most well-known ways of making money online. It is by no means the only way but if you have a skill that you can offer others, such as writing, editing, photography, graphic design, or many others, you can become a freelancer. Just choose something you are good at or have a passion for doing and you should be able to make money doing it.


How To Make Money Freelancing, Probably one of the best ways to get started is to look into reputable freelancing sites like,, or even that connect skilled freelancers with individuals who want to hire them. There are a few of these and you should take a look at three or four of them at least.

Most of these sites have both free membership and paid memberships. Once you find one or two that have a layout and system that appeals to you, get a free membership and start bidding on projects. You should be able to get a job or two and this will be enough to let you figure out which site is your favorite.

Generally it is recommended that you stick with just one site – especially if you are going to become a paying member. There should be more than enough work on just one of the big sites to keep you making money online, so there is no reason to pay for more than one membership.

How To Make Money Freelancing Online

A lot of people are intimidated by the idea of getting onto a bidding site and competing with other freelancers for work, but you really shouldn't be. It is true that you won't win every project – in fact, you may only get one in every five or ten – but the important thing is that you bid what you think you are worth.

Some freelancers think that in How To Make Money Freelancing, undercutting everyone else is the best way to win jobs. But most buyers are more likely to go with the provider who gives a reasonable bid and crafts a good proposal than the provider who just has the lowest price.

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As you complete jobs and get the feedback you will become more comfortable with your timetables and prices. This will make it easier and easier for you to get jobs. How To Make Money Freelancing 2021 guides

This also applies to the other common method of finding freelance work – having your own website. By creating a website or blog about yourself and the services you offer, you are basically setting up a sales page for yourself. Many freelancers will say that their website is their most important tool.

You don't have to have a website right away, especially if you are still figuring out exactly what kind of services you want to offer. But you should consider getting one as soon as possible. This is because you can reach out and introduce yourself to potential clients as well as stay in contact with established clients.

While becoming a freelancer may seem like a big challenge, the fact is that it is something that anyone with selling skills can do. If you start small and on a part-time basis you shouldn't have any trouble finding your strengths and moving up to bigger projects and paychecks.

Some people may ask these questions on hot to make money freelancing online:

How can I make $100 a day on the internet?

Here are the sure ways to make $100 a day online freelancing:
Start a dropshipping store
Run a print-on-demand store
Sell custom products online
Sell handmade crafts on Etsy
Sell products on Amazon
Create digital products
Start an affiliate marketing business
Build online courses 
Sell freelance services

How can I make money right now?

Start a Shopify ecommerce store and sell dropshipping products online
Sell virtual assistant or freelance services on websites like Fiverr or Upwork 
Sell used stuff on Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace
Do micro-tasks on Amazon's Mechanical Turk program
Tutor kids online in English
Rent your unused space on Airbnb
Drive for Uber or Lyft
Create information products
Become a Tasker on TaskRabbit
Trade in items on Gazelle or Amazon for gift cards

There many ways you can make money online in Nigeria from freelancing and doing affiliate marketing.

Important Steps On How To Make Money Freelancing Online In 2021

Discover the most crucial steps on how to make money freelancing online, although there are too many steps to take, below are the listed and most comprehensive steps to follow to make money freelancing online in Nigeria.

Advertise on Existing Websites:

How to make money freelancing online in 2021 is by advertising your skills on an existing website to attract clients to your profile and work. People who already have their own website can easily generate more money each month by advertising on it. There are a lot of potential advertisers that will pay website owners to advertise their brand or product. This could be a blogger giving away free products that the company sends in or simply putting up some banner ads. When more people click on the banner ad, more money will be made. Website owners who use advertisers that will target their regular visitors have really good earning potential. A good example of such site you can join in Nigeria is

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Join a Freelancing Website:

Freelancers can easily find new jobs by joining websites that are designed for them. These are free for most members to join, although there might be fees associated with jobs once they are completed. People who need work done will post their job up on the site for all freelancers to see. Individuals who are interested can easily bid on the project if they are qualified. The poster will then be able to look at the profile of the freelancers who bid on the job to see who the best choice is. Although this can be competitive, it's a great way to make money online for anyone who has a special skill. Example:

Start a Website And Teach:

Anyone who has special skills can easily teach others how to use them online. Like my website, you can see that I offer different services and mentorship programs, you might want to check it out. This could be via a newsletter or even through video sessions on Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc. Most people are willing to pay for these things because they are less expensive than taking a real class in person. Freelancers who are skilled and can teach others will have a lot of earning potential online. When more people find out about the classes this will increase the number of people who desire the service.

Become A Writer

There are a lot of different websites that allow freelance writers to join for absolutely no cost to them. They can then find people to write for and get paid whenever the articles are accepted. These websites vary in how they work. Some writing websites are meant for writers to find random people to create articles for. Other sites are meant for writers to find regular people they can work for all the time. The pay will vary based on the types of articles that are written, how long they are, and a lot of other factors. An example of such a site is

Selling Products

Some freelancers can turn their knowledge of how the internet works into large profits just by selling things! There are a lot of different websites that allow people to sell products to people all over the world. This could be through an auction site like eBay or a marketplace like Amazon; there are a lot of different choices out there. If someone is good at selling and knows how to navigate through the site, they can end up making a lot of money.

There are even photography websites where photographers can sell their pictures to websites or just list them for buyers to find. In addition to this, there are art websites where artists can sell their creations to buyers who want unique items. The best part about these is that sellers can set their own prices for each of the different pieces. A lot of people have made businesses out of these types of websites.

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Like in this my website, I created a space where I sell all my digital products, from courses and books some freelancers or digital marketers do create a section on their blog where they sell eBooks and Videos as well, I think you should give it a shot, it worth trying.

Network With Others:

Being a successful freelancer is closely related to networking. After finding a job with one person, make sure to do a great job and let them know more work can be done in the future. They will be likely to tell other people about the services that they received. Creating a website and a Facebook page will help out as well.

Websites that Purchase Content:

Associated Cont is the People's Media Company and is a great way to make extra cash. With Associated Content, you can write on any topic you select. If accepted for publication, they'll pay you between $3-$20 for your published articles. You can administer them exclusive or non-exclusive rights and they'll either pay you upfront or will pay you for performance payments (ex. $1.50 per 1000 page views). AC is a great way to build up your portfolio.

Freelance Bidding Websites

Bidding websites like and can be a great way to find paying writing assignments. However, with these sites, you will typically work as a ghostwriter and will not receive credit for your work. In addition, you will have to write articles on topics your clients choose. Lastly, you will have to compete with foreign writers who offer their services for a penny a word. To succeed here, be diligent and search for established clients who pay quickly and are open to working with new writers.

Free Advertisement Sites:

Another great resource is forums. On forums like the Warrior Forum, you can post a forum listing indicating your availability for work and potential clients can seek out your services. If you go this route, always have a few writing samples to display your writing talents. You can even point prospects back to your AC Content Producer page or Elance portfolio to demonstrate that you're a published author.

Cold Calling and Query Letters:

You can solicit business from companies and ask to complete writing projects for them. If you're not comfortable cold-calling, you can send our marketing or query letters marketing your writing services. Either way, this is a great way to break into the field.

Repeat Clients:

Remember that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients. Therefore, once you secure your first clients, treat them like royalty. Always meet their deadlines and provide them with outstanding content. If you do this, they'll keep coming back for more and more content and will refer you to their friends and colleagues as well.

In conclusion, there are many opportunities available for freelancers like you to make money freelancing. You just have to be willing to seek them out. Once you do, you'll realize that the sky is the limit on the amount of money you can make from your freelancing efforts and you will be making money online.


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