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How To Make Money Online As A Student In Nigeria

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There are sure-fire ways on how to make money online as a student in Nigeria today. There are part-time jobs, becoming your own boss as well as other creative ways to earn a buck. For a Nigerian student, the possibilities are endless.

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how to make money online as a student in Nigeria

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Working a part-time job can aid students in paying for school expenses. Who does not want some extra cash in their pockets for partying or extra food? So, let find out How To Make Money Online As A Student In Nigeria

Part-time employment is typically anywhere from five to thirty-five hours weekly. Part-time jobs are perfect for students because it allows ample time for studying. Most employers will work with students in setting their work schedules.

So, Make sure you let your boss know if your class load increases or decreases so they can schedule your work hours accordingly.

Now, Let me tell you the possibilities of how you can make money online as a student in Nigeria while attending lectures!

Do you know one great tip in applying for part-time jobs; ensure that you become familiar with the flexibility of the job. Ensure that you ask the person interviewing about the flexibility of the hours entailed with the job description.

Ways to Make Money Online As A Students In Nigeria

In this post, am going to list out multiple ways to make money online as a student in Nigeria and how you lean the basis of How To Make Money Online As A Student In Nigeria.

The thing that is on most student's minds, is trying to find a way to make extra income. The best way I have found to make extra money is to get involved in Internet Marketing and some cool stuff by providing solutions to business owners.

This can be done very easily in your dorm room as long as you have a smartphone, computer, and internet access.

The internet has brought about a lot of changes in the last decade. One of which, is the ability to create your own online business.

With the internet, you can do many online jobs like article writing, video editing, blogging, freelancing, and affiliate marketing. All of these are very good ways to make money online for students. With these sources, you can earn from a few hundred to thousands of dollars a month by working only a few hours per week. There are a lot of ways to make money right from your computer using Internet Marketing.

I highly recommend you doing affiliate marketing and freelancing. It is basically the easiest skill online to make money with. Some skills are combined with an amazing community of like-minded people who hang out on their forums and help each other out with anything from beginning tips, to advanced internet marketing strategy.

Having a great online job is great for students because it is fun and interesting, you work your own hours, you base your campaigns on your own interests, and work from your own home or on breaks between classes, or anyplace you can get internet access. On How To Make Money Online As A Student In Nigeria, You can make much more money than you ever could working at a dead-end retail job. If you invest just half the time you would normally spend at a part-time job, it is possible to make much more cash than working some fast food or restaurant job.

How To Make Money Online As A Student In Nigeria Through Menial Jobs

The list below comprises working proven systems for any student looking out for make money while schooling in Nigeria.

Food Cafeteria

The pay is minimal but minimal pay is better than no payments at all. Apply at your school cafe or cafeteria for employment. You might be informed that there are no current openings but this does not mean that a position will not become available in the near future.

You might even decide to be baking and use social media to sell to your fellow students.

Retail Stores or Malls

It is very common to view students working in retail stores. It is not difficult to find part-time jobs in this industry. Go to the mall, find a store that interests you, and apply for a sales position. One added benefit of working in retail is that most stores offer employee discounts. This is an added bonus for any student.

This is just one business you can do anywhere, even inside the school premises or even inside your hostel or lodge.

Offer Tutoring Services

Are you good at Math, English, and Science? Tutors are always needed in these three school subjects. You can utilize your skills while helping other students. Go to your college counseling department and inquire about openings for tutors. You can make some money while providing a wonderful service to your fellow coursemate and school students. You might even find you have a passion for teaching.

Obviously, this is what I do when I entered the university and it really helped me till today, that I can teach anywhere without fear.

Restaurant Jobs

If you find that you are good with people or you can cook, a restaurant job might prove perfect for you. There are other jobs available such as being a host, dish-washing, and bar-tending available in some restaurants. These types of jobs do entail tips from customers so the better service you provide, the higher the tips. Extra money always comes in handy for college students.

Mostly today, students no longer cook, they prefer to have their food outside, and trust me, starting this job will not even make you popular but you are going to be known across the campus.

Ways To Make Money Online As A Student

There are many other ways to learn how to make money as a student. There are numerous possibilities for anyone who is determined to get their education. The key factor is not to give up while applying your knowledge of college to the work industry. Allow the education you are getting to work for you and you will find your college experiences turning into positive experiences.

The most preferred means and method to make money online as a student in Nigeria is by doing the following:

Start a Podcast

podcast refers to a digital audio file that you post on the internet for users to download and use. You can design a podcast that is available in a series. Your subscribers will receive new audio recordings automatically every time they log into a given platform. If you want to earn big money, sell the podcasts instead of giving them out for free.

However, for you to get clients easily, your podcast should be insightful, relevant, compelling, and original. The excellent podcast will generate a lot of traffic and active engagements to earn you big profits. The podcast doesn’t require a lot of investments. Unlike online videos, you don’t need to set up an expensive studio. You record the audio anywhere and at any time.

Teach Foreign Language

The world is becoming a global place that everyday comes with great opportunities. Many people are trying to learn new languages that will make communicating with others across the world easy. Some want to acquire competencies in foreign languages to increase their chance of getting employed. Others do it for trade while some want to learn foreign languages because they are relocating overseas for further studies.

It is also an easy and cheap niche to start. You can use existing online learning platforms such as iTalk.com to connect with potential clients looking to master a foreign language.

Online Tutoring

The education industry is changing. People nowadays are very busy, and they don’t like the idea of attending physical classes. They would rather take online courses that offer convenience and flexibility. You can take advantage of the wide accessibility to the internet in Nigeria to provide online tutoring. Helping others learn concepts is a quick way to earn income for a Nigerian student.

If you love teaching and have a gift in imparting knowledge to other people, then this is a viable venture to consider. It is one of the easiest and cheap online ventures to start. You can record your classes during your free time and post them on a suitable platform like YouTube.


In the world today, If you are a talented copywriter, several websites, digital marketers are looking for your services. Authority websites are always looking for fresh content to expand their user base. They recruit new teams for content research, curation, and editorial. They will pay you handsomely to research and write for them.

As a Nigerian student, it is easy for you to become a freelance writer and master How To Make Money Online As A Student In Nigeria. First, you need to get relevant training on the demands of the job. Afterwards, you can register with available writing platforms such as UpworkFreelancer, Fiverr, or Textbroker, from where you will find potential clients.  You should also have a powerful laptop and access to a reliable network. This online niche is ideal for students who are passionate about writing and who have free time to do so. You can as well talk to me, if you need help setting up your Upwork or fiverr accounts to attack more clients..

Sell Your Product Online

Just like the Konga and Jumia platform, AhiaNigeria is trending and becoming very popular in Nigeria. Most buyers make purchases using AhiaNigeria platform in the past months. The advantage with AhiaNigeria is that you can easily create your shop online and start selling your products. Alternatively, you can use the platform to sell companies’ products at a commission. AhiaNigeria is one of my startup business.

Facebook Marketing

With over 2 billion active users and 22 billion monthly visit, Facebook offers a mouthwatering market for many companies. Many businesses are now using Facebook to market their products and services.  Some of these are looking for online marketers to do marketing on their behalf. As a tech-savvy student in Nigeria, you can use your digital skills to offer these companies marketing services and earn an extra coin. If you have a large Facebook following, even better. Turn your Facebook page into a vibrant market place and earn handsome commissions. Your friends and fans offer a ready market.

Email Marketing

Another viable way to make money online in Nigeria is email marketing. Email marketing is a form of affiliate marketing that involves using an email list of blog subscribers to promote a specific company’s product or service.

Typically, you send an email containing details of products or services you are promoting to a list of subscribers. Every time the subscribers buy the product or service using a link in the email, you get a commission. If they also share the email to third parties, you earn a commission. This venture is easy to start, as it requires minimal capital. You can also do it in the comfort of your room provided you have reliable internet service.

This venture is ideal for any student who loves to write and has excellent persuasive skills. You also need to be a skilled salesperson for you to succeed in this niche and better still talk to me to help you get started..

YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is one of the easiest ways to make money online in Nigeria.  Besides, this is a venture you can start with extraordinarily little capital.  Additionally, you do not need a lot of technical knowledge to run your channel. Basic computer knowledge and a little creativity is all you need. YouTube platforms are quite popular. In a single day, the YouTube platform receives over 5 billion visitors.  With such a big number of visitors, a single YouTube channel can generate up to 12 million dollars per year.  Your earnings will majorly depend on the number of subscribers and views the content you post attracts and the level of engagement it generates. Some of the favorite and most rewarding YouTube niches to master how to make money online in Nigeria as a student explore include:

  • V blogs– V-blogging refers to the recording and publishing of creative videos. You can post unedited versions of your videos to your target audience. The content can touch on a wide range of topics like fitness, travels, cooking, school, families, and comedy.
  • Tech videos– another favorite niche to explore is technology videos. If you can review different brands of available and upcoming devices or provide “how-to” tutorials on the use of software and gadgets, then you will quickly amass a broad audience.
  • Comedy-people love comedy, and if you are a funny and talented comedian, there is an excellent opportunity for you on YouTube. Record your funniest skits and post them online, and you will be surprised at the feedback. In Nigeria, big comedians are living large. This is a clear testimony that there is money to be made in comedy and entertainment. Think of Broda Shaggi
  • Tutorials– this is the easiest niche to start. As a student, you can offer to teach other students online on arrears where they have difficulties. For example, you can give online accounting tutorials. Just start a YouTube channel and post your tutorials online.


You can make tons of money by blogging but first, you must learn how to start a blog. Besides, it is an effortless and cheap way to make money as a student. You do not need to work in an expensive office if you are a blogger. You can blog right from your small cubicle. Several revenue opportunities come with blogging. Some of these include:

  • Paid freelance services
  • Selling e-books
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Google ads
  • Paid private forums

Although blogging is easy and cheap to start, you need to have a lot of patience before you realize the desired results. You should also have the requisite research and writing skills. To start, you need to design a blog then choose a few niches to specialize in. Afterward, you will generate professionally researched and captivating content.

If you love to write and share your knowledge in an area you are passionate about, then monetize your gifts using a blog. It is also advisable to undertake the necessary training to help you become a better blogger.

Join the blogging community and learn how to start a blog and make money blogging.

Blogging is the easiest to start and the best way to earn online in Nigeria.

Starting a blog will give you the skills on how to the web works and improve your writing skills which can even lead to provide content writing services and earn from it.


There are several opportunities that teach how to make money online in Nigeria as a student. or How To Make Money Online As A Student In Nigeria. The ideas we have shared today are practical, but you can start with almost nothing.

Pick one of the ways we have discussed to begin experiencing a change in your revenue stream. It is possible to quickly build an online income stream if you are passionate enough to step out of your comfort zone and venture into one of the niches.

Or better still contact me to help you to get started.


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