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Introducing MyLinkTo URL Link Shortening Service


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Introducing MyLinkTo URL Link Shortener Service (MYLINKTO.XYZ)

So, today! I have decided to create, and launch our very owned URL link shortening website, which will also help ur team members to share short URLs to our audience and can also keep records of the clicks on each link shared on social media platforms. This is a great tool for internet marketers.

Why Use MyLinkTo URL Shortener Service?

Remember when a friend would send you an email, and you couldn't click-through because it broke? Shortened internet URLs fixed this problem. And though TinyURL, and, one of the oldest URL shortening services, has been around since 2002, their competition has grown fierce– and fast.   With the advent of Twitter and its 140 characters or less platform, shortening URLs became a no-brainer, and sites all over began popping up to offer this service. I can't recall exactly how I stumbled upon back then in 2021, but I am faithful and impressed with the URL shortening service.

When I first began tweeting and begin to involve my self to the digital world, I discovered a lot of URL link shortener service and some of them are premium service which sometimes fails us, So I wondered if there wasn't a way to increase the relevance of these,  On top of the nifty, custom URLs, what and other short URL sites offer is built-in real-time analytics. Through my profile page, I can see a list of all my URLs, their shortened versions, and how many hits each has gotten. So since then, I have been having this zeal and needs to have my own URL link shortener, and today, I have finally created mine which MyLinkTo URL Shortener Service

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Each listing has a ‘link details' button.

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This takes you to a useful page of information: a thumbnail of your site, tags, description, page type, and even your Twitter results. Below this, you will find charts.

Charts that can follow your click-through rate, link referrals, locations of those clicking your link, and whether or not these users are robots or human! Sure, you can simply paste a URL into Twitter and watch it shrink, but here you have the opportunity to increase relevance so people really know what you are talking about, and to see if people out there are responding. Create Your MyLinkTo URL Shortener Service Account

All in all, it's a terrific Twitter SEO tool. In fact, you can use shortened URLs anywhere on the web that you want to track- whether it's on your Facebook profile or your own website.

So, today! We have built a real-world link shortening service for you, that will help you reduce the stress of long URLs, to use right inside your email marketing campaigns, Facebook posts, content marketing, affiliate products, etc.

MyLinkTo URL Shortener Service will increase your chance of managing your link with premium tracking features from Facebook, Google Tag Manager, Quora, Zapier, Slack, etc

While surfing the net, you would probably come across lots of online advertisements. When you mouse-over the links, you would see weird-looking short link codes or very long unintelligible ones. No matter how the links look like, when you clicked them, they'll land you at the right web pages.

Even in your email subscriptions, you'll see unusual links pointing to suggested resources. And when you bought digital products, you will notice that the download links were never pretty.

Welcome to the world of infamous CLOAKS at work MyLinkTo.

Cloaking URLs are deployed everywhere.

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Most Affiliates use cloaks, while some others don't.

Ever wonder why and how Affiliates do this extra work with MyLinkTo URL Shortener Service?

Cloak hides the real web address (URL) that goes to the intended page. Cloaking is not about deception. It is about taking precautions as well as a business strategy.

Here are some reasons why you must use MyLinkTo!

A – Basic Prevention

1. Nasties: they copy your links and then paste them into the browser pointer. Then they delete your affiliate codes and go directly to the page. They don't feel good if you benefit even a penny in commissions. Sneaky group of people, aren't they.

2. Thieves: they'll buy a product and then generously share the links with friends. If the download links are easily recognizable and have no expiration dates, you'll get 1 sale but 1,000 downloads. And this is viral.

3. Hijackers: if they happened to be sniffing network packets or a visitor is careless enough to use a trojan-infested PC, hijackers will take over the links and replace part of the codes with theirs. There are millions of infected PCs.

4. Copycats: these are people who are too lazy to think for themselves. If they saw your great-looking landing pages with hots products, they would copy it straight away. They love short-cuts at the expense of other people's hard work.

5. Competitors: you're letting them see your best promotion strategies. If space and offer are hot, what they can do is to overbid your PPC or CPM in the spot you're advertising at. Especially if the space is unique and popular.

As a result of one of the above, Affiliates may face a sudden drop in traffic volume or a dive in earnings.

B – Business Strategy

Some Affiliates look for systems that can Cloak and do some other functions at the same time.

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1. Automatic Cloaking by MyLinkTo Tracking Modules. Tracking helps Affiliates monitor the performance of an advertisement campaign – web traffic volume, page impressions, and sales conversions. Some examples of systems with such capabilities are Tracking202 and Ahince220. These systems will present Affiliates with performance statistics.

Some short URL providers supply statistics but it is insufficient to create more value from it.

Good tracking statistics help Affiliates make important decisions whether to – improve traffic volume, drop the offer, change the offer, change the Ad space, improve Ad copies, or a mix of them.

2. Cloaking by Auto-responder Systems. Newsletter subscribers may receive emails containing cloaked links to specific resources. When subscribers clicked the links, the auto-responder systems will update their database. The responses are then presented in statistical formats on the dashboards of the Newsletter providers.

From here, the authors can then assess the effectiveness of their Newsletters, make improvements or replicate successful approaches.

3. Auto-Cloaking with Date Expiration of Downloadable Products. File-Sharing Servers and E-commerce Systems providers add EXPIRATION DATES to the cloaked links. Providers worth mentioning here are Amazon S3, Fileserve, Digital River, RAPbank, and Clickbank. There are other good providers in the market you can explore.

4. Auto-Cloaking with User Rights. This is usually deployed by Membership sites. In some sites, users have different rights. For example, some users can download videos and others can view Streaming Videos only. Unauthorized access is blocked even if links are shared illegally. One of the most sophisticated systems with user rights cloaking is Amazon S3.

So, I hope this article has given a good overview of why some Affiliates cloak their links.

So go ahead and start using MyLinkto to cloak and short your long URLs. >>> https://mylinkto.gxyz/user/register <<<<


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