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ClickFunnels: One Funnel Away Challenge Review In 2021

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  • All these questions and only one answer that fits in this Clickfunnel and its one funnel away challenge.
  • Are you new to Clickfunnels
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  • Are you new to online business?

If you are new to online business and on Clickfunnels, you would have seen many things regarding one funnel away challenge.

Many people are talking about this challenge and want to know more about this. 

However, as an affiliate marketer, you will need to dig deep to gain information about this challenge or any other information you seek to gain.

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This can be a tough challenge as well for a newbie to gain information on how you can seek everything out from Clickfunnels and how you can make your own online business reach the higher mountain.

There are many ways to increase your online business through Clickfunnels.

You can sell your own product, you can build funnels for other online businessmen or for the members of Clickfunnels and you can be an affiliate marketer and sell other companies products to earn commission on them. 

So, as we have talked about Clickfunnels and what this software can do to change your life.

Now, let’s talk about there new feature launch which is One Funnel Away Challenge.

We can not tell all the things just now, the whole article is waiting for you to read and understand, what this new challenge is all about.

And how you can get benefits for your own self.

So, let’s move down to the actual business.

What is One Funnel Away Challenge?

One Funnel Away Challenge

If you want to get into this challenge then the secret to harness this power is in this challenge.

You will have to know all about this challenge and then you can guide your own business to reach the higher mountain as a successful business. 

In this challenge, Clickfunnels have put some task for you to make your business grow, and how you can improve your sales funnels.

This challenge can be a difficult one but if you do accomplish this challenge then it can create something that will benefit you in every aspect.

Basically, this challenge is a step by step guide to your success, which means if you complete all your task in 30-day time then we assure you that your business will be successful then ever.

If you stuck on something or if you are having trouble understanding then you can get help from the three coaches that are the source of all this software, who are Julie Stoian, Stephen Larsen, and the man who is the brain of this software Russel Brunson.

These three coaches will guide you when you are having trouble and will teach you as well that how you can make a successful business or how you can lead a business to success.

You will be giving this challenge with many others as this challenge is hosted by the funnel hacker community and that community will guide you in every path as well.

You will get and be motivated every day to complete your daily task.

 What is Included in the One Funnel Away Challenge Kit?

The challenge includes 550 pages 30-day challenge book, the one funnel away workbook and a preloaded funnel training MP3 player, from that you can listen to all the recordings and learn from them, not only these things are contained in this kit, there are many other materials as well. 

If you are looking for the price of this kit or the package then the value of this package is $3,126.

However, you should not feel shocked about it as this money is a bargain and we guarantee you that you will get a great success for your money.

If you just imagine, that your dream is just becoming a reality in just $100, then what do you expect more than this, the fee is worth it.

If you look in the briefing of the two books that you will get in this package then, the workbook has an overview of the challenges that how you can do the challenges that will be offered to you daily.

The other book which is a challenging book reveals all the strategies and plans that were created by the top recipients of the two comma club, I assure you that you will find these challenges aspiring.

While they have included a preloaded MP3 player in the package, you can listen to your challenges while you are jogging or doing other errands of the day.

This challenge will make your business even better, the lessons coaches will give you are top-notch and will help you through the journey of a successful business.

It is not just for affiliate marketing, it is for all businesses as well that Clickfunnels is offering you.

If you want to reach the next level of your business or want your business to reach the top, this challenge will simply help get you to the top of the line.

I am sure that the content that you will find in this challenge will be top-notch for your business in the future. 

Just like you love to watch unboxing reviews sometimes for satisfaction, but not all of you will watch the video from the start to the end, so while you are in this article and coping up with me, I would like to tell you some quick things or will unbox everything quickly so you would not have to wait for too long for the best part in this article.

So, I have put all the things in a quick short article that will give you the reference of what you will find inside the box.

This is the most valuable thing you will read until now because this will benefit you and your business in the future. 

The Challenge Book

One Funnel Away Challenge: My Detailed and Honest Review of OFA ...

This book is a copy of the award-winning book which is called one funnel away challenge book.

The book is designed in such a way that it will give you the 30-day worth task, that will help you in creating one of the best sales funnels for your business and help your business to increase very quickly than before.

The reason why this challenge is effective for you because there is no other plan that can give your business an increase in just 30 days, you should apply it right now to see the difference.

Although it will take 30 days to see the overall effect if you make progress every day and complete the task on the same day the task has been assigned to you then you will feel a little bit different in how your business is taking effect.  Join One Funnel Away Challenge TODAY!

30-Day Summit

30 Day Summit

The second thing on our list or you can say the second thing for your successful business is the 30-day summit.

The summit access provides you with nothing but more clarity to your goal and will open your eyes to how your business is getting so much well-tuned with the help of funnels. 

basically, the work of this summit is to interview you for 30 days and ask you what have you learned and how much your business has been grown till now and are the things speeding up or now, plus, in the interviews you will ask about your daily task as well that are given to complete in the present day the task is assigned to you.

You can even ask questions regarding the task or the progress you are making.

If you feel that you are losing everything or if you suddenly lose everything then jump on our 3rd phase that will guide for what you have to do if this happens. 

30 Days Dot Com Book

If you feel lost in the 30 days of the summit or you are thinking that you will lose everything while you are engaging with the task or if you are having trouble completing the task then you must acknowledge this book.

This book will guide you in those 30 days that you are feeling troubled, as this book is a deconstructed breakdown of the interviews that are held for you in the form of 30 days summit.

This book will definitely help you understand all the things you are troubled with and will guide you through the daily task that you will be assigned, even it will help you visualize and understand how others get through this trial and reached the 2 comma club through Clickfunnels. 

MP3 Player

one funnel away challenge MP3 Player

If you are having trouble reading the book or you do not have time for reading then you must go for this MP3 player.

This player has all the recordings of Russel Brunson’s 30 days task and guide.

It will help you while you are doing other errands in your house, you just need your hands free to plug in your ear and you are good to go, you can even listen to the recording while you are jogging or driving. 

This is the same book that will be given to you in hard copy but the difference is that it is in audio recording and you can save much more time by just listening to the audio.

The challenge also gives you access to other digital products like Facebook groups in which only the members of this package can join, you can have your problems solved by other people as well as the coaches.

What the One Funnel Away Challenge Will Teach You?

What the One Funnel Away Challenge Will Teach You

If you see what they have planned for you in this amazing challenge so, you will see that they have distributed this challenge into 5 weeks, the first week is for pre-training, in which you will be learning all about the challenge and the training will help you get into the right mindset for the challenge that will start in the next week.

After the week of training, you will be getting daily tasks that will be mailed to you through your email address and then you can start your real challenge, as these tasks will be assigned to you on a daily basis so, your job is to complete the given task on the same day it is assigned to you.

This will continue for 4 weeks consecutively.

These tasks are recommended for you as these will help you progress with your business and if you want to seek success in the near future, follow all the tasks and complete the hand to hand.

This One Funnel Away Challenge Review Breaks Down the Challenge Lessons Into the Following:

 Join One Funnel Away Challenge TODAY!

This One Funnel Away Challenge Review Breaks Down the Challenge Lessons Into the Following
  1. Pre-training (Creating the belief): Lesson 1-The Framework. Lesson 2- One Funnel Away. Lesson 3- The Who… Not The How. Lesson 4- Funnel Hacking. Lesson 5- Lady Boss Story. Lesson 6- The Map.
  2. Week 1 (Hook, Story, Offer): Lesson 1-Offer Hacking. Lesson 2- The Greatest Showman. Lesson 3- Offer Sequencing. Lesson 4- The Secret of Ecovers. Lesson 5- Creating Your Products.
  3. Week 2 (Your hooks and stories): Lesson 1- Testing Your Material. Lesson 2- Epiphany Bridge. Lesson 3- Publishing Your Origin Story. Lesson 4- Testing Hooks/ Stories.
  4. Week 3 (The Funnel): Lesson 1- Generate a Lead/ Make a Sale. Lesson 2- ClickFunnels. Lesson 3- Squeeze Page. Lesson 4- Sales Page/ Order Form. Lesson 5- OTO Page. Lesson 6- Members Area.
  5. Week 4 (Make It Rain): Lesson 1- The Three Types of Traffic. Lesson 2- The Dream 100. Lesson 3- Hooks (earned). Lesson 4- Hooks (paid). Lesson 5- What Happens When Your Funnel Flops…

About the OFA Coaches

So, let’s have a look at the amazing coaches that will guide you through your path of success.

These coaches are the best in their own way and will love to guide you through your difficult and struggle time.

They will even motivate you if you get lost or get motivated through the journey, they are the mentors that anyone would be happy to have.

Russel Brunson 

Russell Brunson

He is known as the strategist, as this guy is the co-founder of Clickfunnels.

Brunson helps the entrepreneurs by giving daily coaching of the one funnel away challenge, you will love the coaching of this guy because he understands your situation and then gives you advice on what you should do. 

He will teach of all the strategies you need to create the perfect funnel, he will change your mindset of funnel building as well.

He will give you tips on how you can make your funnel better and how you can grow your business and extend it to the next level.

He will also teach you about how to craft an offer and how crafting an offer can give you an advantage in funnel sales.

The groundwork that this guy lends will help you achieve and master the fundamentals and strategies of sales funnels.

Julie Stoian

547 Days — Rebuilding Her Life From The Ground Up - Thrive Global ...

This lady is known as the transformer, she will transform your dreams into reality by her talented coaching.

She is the two comma club winner and she focuses her training skills on how she can develop your skills and make you a successful businessman. 

Her videos will help you in understanding the practice lessons that Russel will provide you, the step by step guide will be very helpful for you as this guide can nurture your funnel building skills.

She is the one that can give you full support and will turn your normal funnel into a great funnel that will help you earn millions.

The guidance she will give you will help you reach your goal in no time.

If you did not understand a single word of Russel then this girl can help you understand all the teachings Russel gave you.

Overall, she understands your situation rapidly and gives advice that you need the most. 

Join One Funnel Away Challenge TODAY!

Stephen “The Executioner” Larsen

Stephen “The Executioner” Larsen
My Personal Coah

Stephen Larsen is the man you need the most when you are troubled with something, although other coaches will provide you with information and will give you advice on how to do it, this man will motivate you on every single step you make so you do not get demotivated or get lost in the task. 

The conduction of coaching lessons of The Executioner are live group calls so, if someone is having trouble in any task while they are doing it then this guy will guy you through it. 

He will never bore you as his sessions are full of energy and fun and will provide you a great help, you will love to take sessions of this coach as he will answer all your questions as well.

Like Julie, he is also a two comma club winner. 

Why Should You Sign Up For One Funnel Away Challenge?

This is the million-dollar question that everyone wants to know the answer to, the answer is simple, it will keep you focused on the goal that you want to achieve, it will also keep you on track. 

This question is the reason that people struggle in trusting when it comes to online business or any kind of online business. 

In this package or challenge, you will not only get 30 days of training that will give your business an edge to rise, but it will also give you a top-notched task to complete as well as the challenge that will help you guide through the task and will keep you on track for success.

On top of that, you can access the private Facebook group which is only made for the one funnel away challenge members so you can ask questions if you are feeling troubled in the task and it will also keep you on your track of glory and success of your business. 

The charges to enter this challenge are not much, it’s just only $100.

The reason that we are urging you so much to join this challenge is, you will get on track, and just like some people say, you will have skin in the game. 

If you are thinking, why they are charging fees for this, so the reason is if they do not charge this fees then you will not take this seriously and they are doing all this for your betterment and I assure you it will give you success in the future just like every other thing Clickfunnels has offered you given some benefits in the past. 

The fee that they are taking is for your benefit as well or you can say it is just spending on you because it has been used for shipping the challenge kit to your address. 

Earn Your $100 Back As An Affiliate

I would like to tell you that the hundred dollar bill that you have given for entering the challenge can be earned back, the answer is the affiliate program of this challenge. 

Selling the course to somebody will help you get your money back and the commission on selling the course is 100%. 

If you want to earn your cashback then you will have to take video sessions every day, you will have to spend an hour for the video, so if you are ready to do this then you can easily get your money back.

However, it is very difficult to catch up so try to keep up your pace and go alongside the video sessions to earn back your hundred dollar bill. 

Why One Funnel Away Challenge Is Not Meant For You?

One Funnel Away Challenge

If you are busy or if you have a very busy schedule then this course is probably not for you, if you can not dedicate your one hour to a video daily then it will be difficult for you to cope up and the solution to this problem is simple, you should not avail this course at the first place

This will also be useless for you if you do not apply the knowledge that you are gaining from watching the videos.


If you are not interested in applying the knowledge that you are gaining by going through the training materials then this challenge is not for you and will not be beneficial for you in any way.

The challenge will even be useful for you if you are not willing to sacrifice you one hour of the day daily and 30 hours in the whole month to gain some knowledge or more knowledge on marketing, understanding of the conversion optimization and funnels, then this course will be not beneficial for you in any way and you should not go for this course and should not get even near to this course.

I apologize for being rude but this is the truth because if you can not spend $100 on a single course that can change your life then you should not be any near to this course and if you can not invest then you should not read this article as well. 

Join One Funnel Away Challenge TODAY!

Grow A Successful Business With the Help of the One Funnel Away Challenge

If you want to grow a successful business with the help of the one funnel away challenge you can do it very easily, as you know an integrated development environment is the best choice to make any business and if you combine IDE with simple programming language so you can create anything you want as you have seen on a computer.

However, if you are seeking to build a successful program that runs and give you benefits then you will need more than just the tools to work with, you will need an idea, you will directions, you will need a team and of course the method of learning because there are some things that you do not know but you can learn them as you work.

If you agree with this concept then you will see that this concept is applying to every single thing in your life just like it is applying to your business and building a successful business with Clickfunnels is also a part of this concept.

If we look into Clickfunnels then you can see that it is a tool that helps you create an online business from scratch, the tools this software offers are the main tools that can increase your business in no time.

The tools Clickfunnels is offering you to build your own online business from scratch are sales funnels which are used for marketing, you can sell your products as well as deliver your products with the help of Clickfunnels tools. 

Clickfunnels is a strong tool that will help you in simplifying a lot of processes which are involved in marketing sales, website designs and selling products.

As you have seen the programmers that are influenced with their tools and want to improve every single time they make an effort, just like that if you want to make your business successful, you will need to embrace the tools as well.

If you see through Clickfunnels, you will find many ways to learn about Clickfunnels but the best method to learn is entirely on the person.

But I can say that one funnel away challenge is the best way to learn and seek guidance from Clickfunnels and on top of that you can learn how to grow your business even further.

Why I Signed Up for the One Funnel Away Challenge?

Why I Signed Up for The One Funnel Away Challenge

The reason why I signed up for this plan is because of Russel Brunson, as he has a lot of secrets and nuggets that I wanted to learn and the result I got after signing in for fantastic. 

Although Clickfunnels is difficult software to understand and offers you many different ways to increase your business and this is a whole lot to take in if you are new to this but eventually you get a hang of it. 

As the part of Clickfunnels family, I believe that this platform can make you rich and give your business a boost up but the fundamentals that are taught on this platform can be used for other software as well and that is the plus point for signing in.

So, I decided to sign up for it and when I did, I saw that one funnel away challenge is the best way to start and this helped me a lot and now I am a successful businessman. 

This was not a blind decision for me although there were a lot of options as well my trust and belief were with Clickfunnels and how they guide you to make your business successful and if you are a newbie then they help you more to make you stable.

There was another reason to choose Clickfunnels, as I have read a lot of reviews of different software or platforms but still, I joined Clickfunnels because any other platform was not offering that this platform was offering and this decision helped a lot.

In the end, the decision was final and that’s why I decide to go with Clickfunnels and then applied to their one funnel away plan that was even more incredible and it helped me begin my own business and increased my business to the next level as well.

Everything Else You Need to Know About the One Funnel Away Challenge!

How to Build a Lead Funnel That Actually Works

As we have learned all about Clickfunnels and its plan which is called one funnel away challenge.

We learned that it costs just $100 to enroll in this plan and the money that you pay for the fees of this plan is spent on our membership and the materials that are received by us that are shipped directly to your address.

The specific items that you have paid the hundred dollar bill include:

  • One funnel away challenge kit
  • 30 days of coaching
  • 30 days of video missions
  • A hard copy of the workbook
  • A hard copy of 30 days book
  • A large collection of interviews

You are getting all these things at just $100.

However, the overall value could be and should be above $3000 because you are getting a lot of things and this value of the package is worth it, the actual knowledge that you are having after completing this package is more than $3000 and you can earn millions with this knowledge as well.

The challenged kit that they have promised to give you is delivered immediately after you just sign in to this plan.

The things included in the challenge kit are MP3 player, a collection of digital interviews, the 30 days a hard copy of the book and the hard copy challenge workbook.

Now you have all the things that can help you learn all about increasing your business but still, the question is what should we do with all these things? 

Truly speaking, it is a lot easier to learn with the challenge kit than you are learning Clickfunnels on your own.

However, I can give you a heads up that you should start with the 30 days hardcover book. 

If you look into a 30 days hardcover book then you will learn that this book is the key to all success, this book can make your business rise in no time.

The experience you will gain after learning all these things is incredible, you will become more familiar with the plan each day and you will be getting more and more ideas in your head of how you should take your business a little bit up.

The main thing that the book wants you to learn is about Clickfunnels and how the experts would use this book for their own benefits. 

As the book is about an author who sats down with two experts that made a lot of money like more than million with the help of Clickfunnels.


After some questions, he asked them the main question that if they lose everything like money, resources, reputation, connection, what they would do after that they lost all these things and they only have the knowledge to make that money again and they only have just 30 days to make all these things that they have lost back in the same other as it was.

This book is all about how they made it back and have all the detailed answers of the interview that they were in.

After you are done with this book the next book that you should see is the challenge workbook, the book all about everyday tasks, and all the tasks will help you learn about Clickfunnels even more.

It will help build your own funnel as this book should be used with the conjunction of the videos which means you should view them with the daily task of the video and keep it aligned with the videos.  

Join One Funnel Away Challenge TODAY!

The workbook is a well constructed and well-organized plus, it has plenty of space so you can easily add your notes or your way of task doing as well.

Plus, there are some additional links and resources mentioned in the book that will help you expand your knowledge and will help you learn new things.

There is a link to a digital workbook available as well that can come in handy when the task or challenge begins because sometimes workbooks can be late due to some reasons so you should download the digital one so you can do the task on time. 

In the end, the best thing and the thing that II like the most and the thing that will come most in handy to complete the challenge is the MP3 player, this player is not given you for listening songs but it is for a better thing than that, you can listen to the recordings of the task that is handed to you and it has a recording of live coaching calls as well so you can understand the task easily.

You can use them while you are jogging to save time and can listen while driving as well.

The main reason for this MP3 player is to save time because many people can not read books because they do not have time for that but they can listen by just putting on some handphones.

Overall, I would recommend that you should take this plan, it will help you raise up and gain control of your life and business.

It will give you experience and will make you something different that you were not before. 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding One Funnel Away Challenge!

Yellow cartoon robot thinking about something. - Aberdeen

Is There Any Money-Back Guarantee?

There is but the owner of Clickfunnels said that after you have experienced this plan you will not think of asking for a refund.

How Much Does This Course Cost?

First, you should learn that there are two ways to apply for this course, one is the digital way to apply, the other way is the physical way to learn.

If you are going to apply for digital you will have to pay $100 and if you are going to apply for physical then you will have to pay $119.95, in which 19.95 are the shipping charges.

What’s Included In The Physical Version Of One Funnel Away Challenge?

All the things that are available in digital are available physically.

If you have a concern please refer to our previous heading.

Is it Essential For Me To Have My Own Products?

As we have discussed above, this course is for learning Clickfunnels, not for selling products of any kind, you can do that after you have to build your sales funnel…

Does This Course Have An Affiliate Program

If you are an internet marketer, then you have come to the right place, this program is the best affiliate program on the internet right now. 

Do I Need To Have An Active Subscription With ClickFunnels?

If you need the answer to this question then you will have to look for it yourself because the answer you are seeking depends on you, how you will take this course.

Do I Need Any Special Skills?

If you have the skills to navigate on the internet and you know how to use a computer then you are good to go.

Is There Any Community To Discuss Your Questions Or Issues?

If you subscribe to one funnel away challenge you will automatically become a member of the funnel hacking community which means you can ask all your questions from the members of the community.

One Funnel Away Challenge Review: Conclusion

I hope that you will make the right decision by taking this plan and will completely change your future.

If you have any other questions so you can comment and I will answer your question as soon as possible. 

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