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My name is Ogbonna Ohakwe, I am the co-Founder & CEO of SellPass, founder InstantTopUp & BodalessPayment Systems

and I want to teach you and challenge you today.

..I want to give you what it takes to be A Super sales person selling online...

Listen, every business on earth has it's secrets.

Those who have the secrets usually keep it to themselves so they can be better than other people.

However, the moment you push through the barrier & learn their secrets, you too will become like them.

Affiliate marketing is not different. The reason some people make millions and others struggle is because those that make millions know some business secrets that you don't and then they keep it secret…

These secrets include:

How to make 50 - 150 sales in a week with very little effort.

What to do before you send someone your affiliate link that will get them to buy from you immediately....almost guaranteed.

Where you can get people with money, who are willing to pay you right NOW for what you sell.

The truth is that those who know these businesses secrets put in little effort while those who don't struggle.

We have some of them making 700...800 and even 1 million Naira ($600) a week to a month now on SellPass.

How Do I Know This

Asides the fact that I have been doing Internet marketing for 7 whole years and have the experience of a grand dad in this business...

Most of the people who make millions on SellPass are either my students or my very close pals or my co-Founder, and they tell me stuff. Things they never share with anyone that makes them a lot of money.

Now I'll share them with you inside my Inner Circle Sales Coaching

...let me shock small, i will gift you something & reward you When you do as i say

  • My Content Calender Bible
  • My Sales Bible
  • My Follow Up Hacks
  • My Simple ABC Traffic & Lead Generation Method
  • My Webinar Sales Systems.
  • And I Will teach you how to create a simple leads sales funnel that will rake in sales for you 

Plus you end up with a high paying skill that will last you forever, this is the same skills, I have been using to make money online on SellPass....

All it would take to get this result is just 48 Hours, plus you get to join a community where you can interact with others like you who are on the same Journey.

...Trust Me, This Is Going To Be An Investment You Will Continue To Enjoy For The Rest Of Your Life...

You will learn the secrets that make people a lot of money on SellPass including myself...

You use the secrets for yourself to you win prizes worth millions just for taking action and selling online with the secrets I will give you; and all it takes is just N4500 (Four thousand five hundred naira)

Reason why you need to join this mentorship is to help you with a short master plan to sales, so you don't keep wasting time trying to figure out things on your own..

be one of the 10 persons that will join this mentorship now

And all it will take you to get instant access today is only...

N30,000 ONLY

who is this mentorship for?

  • You are new to SellPass & need to learn how we pull in 6 to 7 figures weekly here
  • Struggling affiliate marketer who want to leave 6 figures and do 7 figures.
  • Anyone who is willing to scale their sales to 7 figures online.
  • Anyone who want to acquire high income skills
  • Anyone hungry for an easy business to set up to make millions

Now, do you think you fit into that category?

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