Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Important note: This document is intended for general informational purposes and does not represent legal advice as to any particular set of facts. Please consult the appropriate professional advice as necessary.

Last modified: 05/21/2019


“BIGTINK DIGITAL CREATIONS “ is committed to your satisfaction. If you have purchased digital/hard goods/subscriptions from  BIGTINK DIGITAL CREATIONS and are unhappy with the product received, you may be eligible for a refund/partial refund if requested within 20 days of the original purchase date.

20-Day Limited Refund Policy for Mastery and Jumpstart Courses

We want to provide you with training that is designed to give you the fundamental information required for utilizing analytics, marketing, and other digital platforms. Our goal is to help you learn and make money in return.

Use our support channels to help you find the answers and assistance that you need. If within 60 days of purchase, you have watched all the course videos, completed the supplemental materials, and utilized our support channels and find yourself still not learning the fundamentals of the Mastery or Jumpstart Courses you may initiate a request for a refund.

We want you to understand the fundamentals of online marketing. We will do our best to help you!

All purchases must be directly from the website. Mastery Courses include all courses containing “Mastery” in the title. Jumpstart Courses include all courses containing “Jumpstart” in the title.

Bundled purchases may be applicable for a partial refund on a pro-rata basis, if a Mastery or Jumpstart Course is included in the Bundle. A Bundle is a purchase of one or more courses, products, or programs.
Support channels include forums, our frequently asked questions database, and customer support email.

Limitation: If our system indicates that you have mass-downloaded videos and other supplemental materials prior to asking for a refund, your refund request will be immediately denied.

Refunds requested after 20 days may be considered, but not guaranteed.

Memberships Not Refundable

Memberships to my website are not refundable. However, memberships may be canceled at any time. When you cancel your subscription you’ll still be able to use your subscription for the time you’ve already paid. For example, if you buy an annual subscription on January 1 and decided to cancel your subscription on July 1: You will have access to the subscription until December 31 and you will not be charged a renewal fee on the following January.

Bootcamp Courses Not Refundable

Bootcamp courses purchased on my website are not eligible for refunds. Bootcamp courses are any course with “Bootcamp” included in the title.

Project Apollo Program Not Refundable

Due to the intensive nature of our Project Apollo program, no refunds are available. By signing up for the program, you are committed to paying for the program in full.

Downloadable Resources Not Refundable

Purchases of individual templates, downloadable resources, checklists, SOPs, documents, dashboards, containers, code files, etc. are not eligible for refunds. All purchases of these resources are final. 

Bundled Purchases

Items purchased as part of a Bundle are subject to individual course, product or program refund policy terms as provided in this policy.

Refunds of Hard Goods:

To be eligible for a return and refund, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Refund must be requested in writing by contacting [email protected]
  2. The request for a refund must be made within 20 days of the original purchase date
  3. Hard goods must be returned to BIGTINK DIGITAL CREATIONS immediately, according to the instructions you will receive once contacting [email protected] as directed in step 1.
  4. The item(s) must be unused and returned in the original packaging, in a like-new, or re-sellable condition, as determined in BIGTINK DIGITAL CREATIONS sole, reasonable discretion.

Non-returnable Items:

The following items are non-returnable as stated at the time of purchase on

  • Virtual Files
  • Podcast
  • Books
  • Video Courses

Refunds of Digital/Subscription-Based Goods:

To be eligible for a refund on any digital/subscription-based goods, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Refund must be requested in writing by contacting
  2. The request of refund must be made within 20 days of the original purchase date

 is committed to its consumers, and while we stand by our policy as written above, we also want to understand how we can resolve the dissatisfaction and better understand how we can serve you. Please contact BIGTINK DIGITAL CREATIONS at [email protected] for any questions related to our policy, or simply to let us know how we can help.

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