Welcome To My New Blog

I am Ogbonna Ohakwe (Pro Alex) and welcome to my new blog, this is my first blog post here! I am very super excited to start blogging and to share with you insights about my favorite business topics and involve you in my online money secret and affiliate experience!

One thing i understood about living apart from my parents, is that it made me to be self independent and learned to understand the world in my own way. Overall, Life in a developing country like our country Nigeria made me grow fast and leaves a lot of unforgettable memory to me.


I am just so super excited to share with you MORE of what my blog has to offer!

  • The blog content!
  • How to start a blog and
  • Content marketing to;
  • How to make cool passive income online etc..

The amount of ideas, how-to’s and inspiration whirling around in my head is ready to jump out.

I wanted to start by telling you why I created this blog and what you will be seeing more of in my future posts.

Why I started this blog? The make money and how to’s blog.

Since i have ventured into many online programs, a lot of my colleagues and friends have asked me “What’s life like studying and learning all those internet marketing? At the same time, I always feel excited to share my all wonderful experiences to them, and they apparently like to listen these stories, some of them also decided to start learning all the basic steps and strategy and experience them person.

What you will be seeing more of in my posts? Sharing my daily life struggle in the internet, but get ready because you will be seeing much more of the content behind my journey, and a mixture of lifestyle including my affiliate program, making money online guides, and my daily blogging guides.

I plan to write a blog to introduce the most popular affiliate and online making money secret on my new blog, which will be helpful to ease your boredom. I am no expert on any of this. I may be a “perfectionist” but I am nowhere near perfect here on my new blog.

One important thing to remember is that i have figured it will be a lot of trial and error so please bear with me on any grammar/spelling mistakes and please feel free to always share your advice and communicate with me along the way!

I hope to inspire you because I am SO looking forward to bringing you a better online money making secret ideas.

By the way, please write down the things you are curious about the internet life in the response area, so I will review them and prepare the best answers for you in my next post!

Thanks For Reading Through And Getting To Know More About My New Blog!

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